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Re: [oletrucks] Tales From The Ventiplane

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Tales From The Ventiplane
From: "dave riffel" <cafe_dave@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 19:11:38 PST
Paul writes:

>     3. Once you get the ventilator assembly out, there is very little you 
>do with it in a typical home workshop. The shop manual never mentions
>changing the vent window gasket for good reason, it is a riveted assembly,
>and I'm sure the dealers just replaced the whole shootin' match rather than
>mess with it. On my last trip to Golden State I noticed they had rebuilt
>ready-to-install complete ventilator units on display. They were expensive
>($75?) , but may beat the fooling around required to do a proper job. Has 
>body rebuilt these units and would you care to tell us how?

OK.  My buddy is a glass guy and we did all my door glass and gaskets about 
a year and a half ago.  It wasn't easy (took about 6 hours for both doors).  
We didn't use the manual, just glass-man know how.  I will get in touch with 
him in the next couple of days to get a good description of how the vent 
glass gaskets are easily changed.  I remember that you need a special rivet 
kit with the punch to peen the new rivets.  This is only for the window felt 
for the larger glass and is not too expensive.  The wing actually comes out 
of its frame fairly easily and then you just clean the old gasket out and 
massage the new one in.  I'll have a better description in a day or so.  I 
would definitely save your money on the pre-assembled parts.  Good luck, 

Dave Riffel

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