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Re: [oletrucks] Tales From The Ventiplane

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Tales From The Ventiplane
From: "dave riffel" <cafe_dave@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:26:05 PST

I just talked to Scott, my glass man.  On my glass we first removed the vent 
window assemblies from the doors.  The front window channel comes out with 
it.  We then took the nut off of the bottom of the ventglass and removed the 
spring and washers.  Then we drilled out the rivets that hold the vent frame 
to the window channel, top and bottom.  Then we spread the vent frame enough 
to slide the upper pin out of the frame and then the lower stud slides out.  
It's a pain and you have to be careful.

At this point the vent window is out of the main frame but still in it's 
inner frame.  If you want to remove the window from the inner frame you have 
to spray the packing tape around the glass really good with 3M release 
agent.  Then slide the glass out very carefully.

The rubber gasket on the outer frame just peels off.  Pay attention to how 
the old one is attached.  When you put the new one on it has to slip over 2 
lips, one on each side.  Make sure the holes line up.

To reassemble just spread the outer frame and put the window back into the 
frame and rubber gasket.  We reattached the vent window to the window 
channel with flat rivets that don't spread, installing with a regular rivet 
gun.  These are special rivets and may come with the gasket kit.  It's a 
real pain to get these in.  We had to redrill and redo a couple of them.

The special rivets I was thinking of before are the small brass rivets that 
attach the window felt to the window channel.  These are fairly easy to 
install.  Get the rivet kit that comes with the required punch.  Cheap and 
well worth it.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions along the way.

Dave Riffel

ps.  I thought it felt a little damp out the other day.  That must have 
been, what did you call it? rain?  ;^)

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