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Re: [oletrucks] 49 truck, new brake system :o]

To: "Bruce Damen" <little-castle-contracting@cadvision.com>,
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] 49 truck, new brake system :o]
From: "G. Simmons" <gls@4link.net>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 20:27:08 -0800
>don't think the original one will be able to handle the disc brakes on
>it.  Any suggestions???  Is there kits out there to utilize my old
>master cylinder  or should i use a current one off of the same camero type

Hi Bruce,

I wouldn't keep your original master cyllinder when going to discs.  Chances
are it's a single chamber model.  If you get a failure anywhere in your
system, you completely lose your brakes, except for the parking brake.  I've
actually had this happen, and it is not pleasant.

Also, I understand that the disc calipers may require too much fluid
movement for the old narrow cylinder.  Don't know about this, but it seems
like an excellent time to go to a power dual master cyllinder.

Couple of options for you.  First, there's a bunch of companies making neat
little power brake kits that bolt in where the stock master cyllinder goes.
They cost about $325.  They preserve the stock look, including the original
pedal.  They're also favored by rodders where engine bay space is tight.

One company that makes them is No Limit Engineering 888-297-6032
www.nolimit.net.  You can find other suppliers of these kits in classic
truck and hot rod mags.  There are also bracket kits which let you get your
own booster and master cyllinder.

Since you're doing substantial modifications, you might want to just go with
a firewall mounted power master cyllinder.  This is the easiest system to
work on.  You can either pull one from a donor truck or buy a kit.  I don't
know how hard it is to get measurements right, etc. if you pick the parts.
Industrial Chassis, (602) 278-6800 advertizes a kit for $349.

I've even seen kits where the mc and booster are under the dash.  Seems like
it would be difficult to fill the reservoir.  I think must be intended for
early cars with removable dash faces.

You'll probably need a proportioning valve to make sure the rear brakes are
set to the correct relative strength.  These are available from many
sources, including Master Power Brakes (704) 664-8866 and  TSM (303)

Hope this is helpful/interesting


Grant S. gls@4link.net

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