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[oletrucks] 49 truck, new brake system :o]

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Subject: [oletrucks] 49 truck, new brake system :o]
From: Bruce Damen <little-castle-contracting@cadvision.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 19:13:50 -0700
Hello all!!!

Im a 41 year  from Calgary Alberta.
I have  a project thats been in storage for quite some time.

I just started working on the running gear.  Since the old running gear
was long past restoring . Ive decided to up grade the suspension and the
rear end and they drive line ( 350 ci  and 400 turbo glide).  Other than
that i hope to keep it looking fairly stock.  So far I've replaced the
front end with a camaro clip and the rear end is out of the same
camero.  What I've run into is what to do about the master cylinder. I
don't think the original one will be able to handle the disc brakes on
it.  Any suggestions???  Is there kits out there to utilize my old
master cylinder  or should i use a current one off of the same camero
type car.   Might seem  pretty simple to yous out there but i need some
input.   Awaiting your out standing knowledge ...   and thank you in


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