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Subject: [oletrucks] Gas Tank
From: "Ron Duncan" <rondunc@webzone.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 17:52:58 -0600
Thank you all for the information.  Once I removed the valve the tank lifted
right out with a little help from my wife.  I love this list.  I didn't feel
too stupid.  I have a client who is a welder who came out today and will
return next Saturday to patch up the few holes I have in the floor board.
He suggested I fiberglass the cab corners because the rust was not too bad.
Any one have any experience with this?

I have a another client who owns 3 salvages in this area.  He said if I can
figure out which seat bolts in he would be happy to give me one.  I
understand the LeBaron will work but I am unclear as to what kind of base to

Each question I get answered raises several more.  I really do appreciate
the responses.


Ron Duncan

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