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Re: [oletrucks] swap meet in CT (results?)

To: "Ole Trucks" <oletrucks@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] swap meet in CT (results?)
From: "WR Teto" <monadnoc@crystal-mtn.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:37:54 -0400
Jim, I made it too.  I hung around the Jim Carter tent (actually awning) at 10 
AM for a few minutes,
bit it was too chilly to lurk about.  I had gotten there about 8:30 AM and the 
rain had just stopped
(after pouring buckets all during the drive down).  It was actually still 
reasonably warm, but you
could tell the temperature was dropping.  I had planned on the mud situation 
and was wearing
appropriate boots, had warm hat, gloves etc.

I was more successful in finding parts, but then I'm hot rodding.  I found a 
nice complete brake
booster, master cylinder, proportioning valve, pedal assembly for $30.  I 
passed on a complete set
of Chevy 350 heads, even though I had gotten the guy down to $80 for the pair.  
He was just packing
up and I had no hands free to carry them the long way to my truck.  Then I 
found a nice
new-condition Edelbrock aluminum intake for $40 that I bought as well.  On the 
down side I did not
find any seats that were worth buying.  And it was tough to look at a lot of 
stuff that was under
plastic.  I was amazed at the number of guys who leave parts like cranks, cams, 
etc out in the rain.
I guess they make good boat anchors after the rust does its job!

Like you I headed for my truck around the time it started to snow.  I was 
parked in the lot near the
bullpen area.  Well, I sat in my truck for 20 minutes and the traffic jam was 
so bad I never moved
an inch.  So I said "forget this", re-parked my vehicle and went back in and 
strolled around for a
while.  I finally called it quits around 1:30 when most everyone was packing up 
to leave.  I did
pick up some more incidentals, like a 50-pack of 3" cut-off wheels for my 
grinder for $20.  All in
all it was a successful day, and I spent less than $150 including admission fee 
and coffees.  In
retrospect, I should have parked at the house lawn on the main road for the 
extra $5 and that keeps
you from getting packed in that horrific traffic snarl when you want to leave.

Wally, an old 4-season backpacker who was used to hiking in the mud, rain and 

> kept an eye out of the others on the list with no luck.  Did any of you make
> it to this event?
> Jim House
> 46 1/2 Chevy

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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