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RE: [oletrucks] Brake lines

To: "Designs by Rock" <dbr@powerweb.net>,
Subject: RE: [oletrucks] Brake lines
From: "Eric Johnson" <j.eric1@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:54:13 -0700
John, I have seen prebent for sale but can't remember where. I re-piped my
48 and it was pretty tuff only because of having to be on your back and in
and out all the time. By the time I was finished my stomach was rock hard.
The bending is not to difficult if you get your hands on a decent bender. I
found that snap on made the best. Most of the lengths that I needed were
factory lengths(2,3,4,&5 foot). Your local supplier will have them. When you
need to cut any for whatever reason take it to your local brake shop and
have them flare it for you. It requiers a double flare and that tool I did
not want to buy. The hardest part for me was supporting my truck so that I
felt it was secure(5600 LBS). The next hardest was the in and out from under
the truck game. Never having the right size tool or whatever. And since you
are going to have it up off the ground do anything else that needs replaced.
Because I just had to re do both fuel lines and I wished I had done them 5
yrs ago when I did the brakes. If you do it yourself you will know that it
was done right. I could not find anybody that I felt was qualified to do the
job right in my area for the amount of money they wanted. It is a lot of
work but well worth the effort.
Eric Johnson
Vista,Ca (San Diego)
48'Carryall w/56'GMC 270
49'Carryall w/Rust

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