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[oletrucks] Engine placement

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Subject: [oletrucks] Engine placement
From: "Mark Self" <markself@discover.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 03:47:44 -0700
I started to install my Olds 4-3/TH-350 in my '55 1st. Chevy 3100.  As i was
positioning the combo in the frame.  I was raising the tailshaft to get the
TH-350's pan surface paralell to the ground.  When I thought it looked about
right, I climbed out to check the carb throat to see if it was horizontal.
It wasn't.

How are you supposaed to position the engine to get the carb setting the way
it should?  I always thought you wanted the carb throat surface to be
horizontal.  But, if the TH-30's pan surface isn't paralell to the ground,
won't this cause problems?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

            Mark Self
         Redlands, CA
   '55 1st 5-window 3100
   "Sentimental Journey"

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