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Re: [oletrucks] Maine will crush your truck

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Maine will crush your truck
From: "brad kyle" <bradkyle@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 03:45:06 CDT
sorry for the late reply... i've been busy working on my truck and not 
checking my mail. NM Jim...you mentioned that "we don't need to crush them, 
just add a little technology."  isn't that giving in to the "that seems 
reasonable" excuse.  Just look at the battle over gun control.  The gun 
haters keep trying to pass laws like; the waiting period, the background 
check, all guns must be stored locked with trigger locks, etc., because it's 
"reasonable."  Just with our trucks if we give in to the "reasonable" 
additions of catalytic converters, HEI, fuel injection, etc. then what next. 
  Will it become illegal to touch anything in the engine compartment?  In 
the gun battle it seems fairly obvious that they will first try to outlaw 
handguns, and then all guns.  It seems that our elected officials are 
forgetting that the founding fathers of this country founded this country 
because they wanted their freedom.  They rebelled against their government 
heads because of their oppression of individual freedoms.  Then it was 
freedom of religion, expression, and speech.  Now, or in the future, it 
could very well be because of the right to bear arms, and the right to drive 
the same type of vehicles as our fathers, or grandfathers had.

Brad Kyle
54 3100
98 Mauser
94 Winchester
9mm Hi-Point Carbine
.44 cal. Uberti black powder SA

Preserve the second amendment.  It is because of it we have our freedoms.


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