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[oletrucks] More brake conversion

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Subject: [oletrucks] More brake conversion
From: "Steve Hanberg" <Steve@OldSub.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 20:47:37 -0800
I seem to be managing only a couple hours a week real work on this project.
Today I mounted the new dual master and looked hard at plumbing issues.
Before I start cutting and bending tube, I'm wondering how others have
approached this part of the project.

My truck is a '55 1st GMC Suburban.  Rear axle and brakes are from a '73
Chevelle wagon.  Front rotors, calipers and the master cylinder are all
new/rebuilt spec'd for the Chevelle so it should all work together.  I have
both 2 lb and 10 lb Wilwood residual valves on hand, and I have the
combination valve unit from the Chevelle.

I'm thinking I'll mount the valve unit just to the rear of the master
cylinder, in the frame.  I'll use a couple of the spacers that held the
backing plates out from the spindle to get the valve unit far enough out that
I can get my fingers on the fittings.

I'm thinking I'll put the residual values between the master and the valve
unit.  This valve unit serves as a tee for the front brakes, so I'll just run
those lines forward from there, basically following the original path.

I'm struggling with the path for the line going to the rear.  It seems much
more straight-forward to just run toward the back with it, from the valve
unit.  I've already moved the flex line at the rear to the middle to
accomodate the axle.  If I try to follow the original path, I'll be doubling
back toward the front, running two lines on teh crossmember under the
transmission, and then going to the rear, working my way around the fuel

If I just go straight back from the value unit, I'm running down the same side
as the exhaust system.  But should the six ever be replaced by a V-8 I'll
likely run dual exhaust, and have that issue on both sides.

If you were patient enough to read all this, do you have any wisdom or
experience that might suggest if this is a good approach, or if I should think
about something else?

Appreciate any thoughts!
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