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Re: [oletrucks] Obtaining a Title

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Obtaining a Title
From: Alan Horvath <alan@alanhorvath.com>
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 22:46:44 -0400
Thanks for the info.  The deal is that my nephew's dad gave him this 
'69 Mustang like 10 years ago (my nephew was doing body work at that 
time) ... the car has sat in a garage all these years, and NOW he's 
decided he's probably never gonna get to it and he has someone who's 
interested in buying it.  Silly bit of a mess, but whatcha gonna do, 
eh?  I guess he discovered there's no title and is trying to learn what 
to do about it.

Anyone ever see this?:


Gary Perry wrote:

> Buy a different vehicle! One With a title.
> Really, pretty slim chance of getting titles, have to check with your 
> states
> laws and requirements. Most will require a search of VIN and finding 
> Registered owner and go from there. Sometimes last registered owner 
> can get
> duplicate title and sign over to you. This does not mean LAST 
> owner(s), but
> last Registered owner. The one who had last paperwork sent in. Lots of 
> old
> vehicles get passed around, and unless everyone did paperwork, they 
> don't
> count as owners. Sometimes you can go back and ask fella you got it 
> from,
> where he bought, then where that guy bought it, and so on to find the 
> guy
> yourself. Some states will dig in "Basement" archive paperwork on
> Micro-fische to fine old registrations, but requires more time and 
> fees to
> do that, IF they even are willing to do. Course, if not from your 
> State in
> first place, not too good to get help. Do you have an old plate from 
> the
> car?? Sometimes can track down owner's that way. If not a very special
> vehicle, not worth the Hassles you need to go through for one.
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