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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 23:50:10 -0400
Broadway Title and others like them are located in states that only require
a "bill of sale" to get their state title.  So you sell them your car with a
"bill of sale", they get title in their state in their name, then they sell
you your car back to you with a clean title from their state.  You have to
sign a paper stating you have legal right to be doing this.  And pay their
service fee....

Mike Boteler
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> Thanks for the info.  The deal is that my nephew's dad gave him this
> '69 Mustang like 10 years ago (my nephew was doing body work at that
> time) ... the car has sat in a garage all these years, and NOW he's
> decided he's probably never gonna get to it and he has someone who's
> interested in buying it.  Silly bit of a mess, but whatcha gonna do,
> eh?  I guess he discovered there's no title and is trying to learn what
> to do about it.
> Anyone ever see this?:
> http://www.broadwaytitle.com/
> Alan
> http://AlanHorvath.com/54chevy/
> Gary Perry wrote:
> > Buy a different vehicle! One With a title.
> > Really, pretty slim chance of getting titles, have to check with your
> > states
> > laws and requirements. Most will require a search of VIN and finding
> > LAST
> > Registered owner and go from there. Sometimes last registered owner
> > can get
> > duplicate title and sign over to you. This does not mean LAST
> > owner(s), but
> > last Registered owner. The one who had last paperwork sent in. Lots of
> > old
> > vehicles get passed around, and unless everyone did paperwork, they
> > don't
> > count as owners. Sometimes you can go back and ask fella you got it
> > from,
> > where he bought, then where that guy bought it, and so on to find the
> > guy
> > yourself. Some states will dig in "Basement" archive paperwork on
> > Micro-fische to fine old registrations, but requires more time and
> > fees to
> > do that, IF they even are willing to do. Course, if not from your
> > State in
> > first place, not too good to get help. Do you have an old plate from
> > the
> > car?? Sometimes can track down owner's that way. If not a very special
> > vehicle, not worth the Hassles you need to go through for one.
> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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