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[Oletrucks] My 1951 project

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Subject: [Oletrucks] My 1951 project
From: Bob Keeland <keelandb@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 15:48:54 -0800 (PST)
Well I don't know how many on the list are interested in what I plan to do,
but I'll give it a shot. But first, your truck looks great. By my standards
(I've had and been planning my 1951 restoration for 10 years without any
progress) you have been going fast for only 7 years.
The truck 1951 1/2 ton 5-window.
The color will be pretty much the original Forest Green.
The front fenders and grill will be 1954 (yes, I have most of the 1954 body,
but it was pretty much demolished except for part of the roof, the rear
window, and the corner windows - no running gear, no suspension, etc).
The bed will be either original 1951 or it could be a homemade flatbed ??????
not sure yet
The frame will be 1989 S-10 (sorry Mark, but this seems to be the direction I
will go - the kit includes all needed support structures - I do think that
I'll paint the frame with POR-15 to prevent rust). I need to get a copy of the
2003 Classic Trucks article on using the S-10 frame/running gear, suspension,
etc. under an old GM truck.
The engine will be either a rebuilt mid-1960s 283 (if it is still any good -
not even started for over 10 years following the rebuild - it was not me who
did the rebuild). If the 283 is shot, then for the short-term I may use the
2.5 L 4 cylinder that is in the S-10. What I would really like would be a
diesel of about 350 ci, if I can find a good one (not a gas engine reformed as
a diesel engine).
I can make my own biodiesel from used cooking oil (from a restaurant - I got
the plans off the internet), but that would be another message.
Wheels will probably look fairly original (but not the split rims that were on
the 3/4 tons) or I may eventually get some late 60s style slotted rims.
The radio will be a really good modern radio, but it will not be crammed
into a hole cut into the dash.
Seats - I don't know at this point. I do still have the original bench seat,
but it will need a lot of work.
NO carpet - I'll use some type of rubber mats over sound-deadening material
Whether you like my plans or not, feel free to make comments to the list or
just to me. Even if you don't like what I plan I like to hear whatever you
have to say.
I need to figure out how to start a web site (that does not cost much) so that
I can do the deerslayer type reports. Anyone got any ideas on that??
1951 AD 3100
1954 AD 3600 in pieces
Arnaudville, Louisiana
> bob
> i think the purists have been quieted for a bit.
> don't be afraid to post again, they have their forum, we have ours.
> i subscribe to their's too, post when it's a stock question.
> here is my truck, a work in progress, has been for 7 yrs.
> 350 ramjet, 700r4 trans, ac, pb, pw, ps, cruise, shaved,
> mustII front, 86 firebird rearend, frame boxed, lowered 6'' and killer
> not too familiar with the old stuff, i've always owned these new fangled
ones ;)
> what plans do you have for yours? and don't be afraid to reply to the forum
> they'd like to hear what your intentions are too
> i stole my bye line from another forum, i'm not that original

> Kurt


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