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Re: [Oletrucks] My 1951 project

To: Gale Gorman <gale_gorman@mac.com>, Bob Keeland <keelandb@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [Oletrucks] My 1951 project
From: Jim krontz <jim_krontz@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 07:09:18 -0800 (PST)
Sounds like someone is getting pretty deep fast....

I am just now starting on
the sheetmetal of my 57 3100.

I too took the POR15 route, and used metal prep
from Eastwood before I put the POR15 on the frame.  Then I painted the frame
afterwards.  It looks GREAT!  Here is a short list of other things I did:
Replaced front axle with 3' drop axle
- Conversted to disc brakes in front
Had springs re-packed and added a leaf to hold the 383 stroker engine
Replace the 235 with the 383 (weiland 9' high rise, two 500cfm carbs) it
should be around 450 horse, 400 fpt
- Converted it to power steering
Converted it to power brakes
- Installed new leaf springs in the back which
dropped the back 4'
- Changed out rear end with posi-track 373 gears
Installed in gas tank in rear, and ran full lines with pro-comp pump/regulator
- All new hardware everyone (literially EVERY bolt I touched was changed out
with grade 8)
- New shocks and shock towers

Not a bad list of work for the
past 6 months.  I had 10 days off for the holidays and worked on it daily (10+
hours) to get this far along.  

It helps that one of my good friends owns a
hot rod shop.  Although he doesn't do the work, he is always helpful in
pointing out what needs done next (lol).


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Re: [Oletrucks] My 1951 project

On Jan 20, 2010, at 5:48 PM, Bob Keeland

> (I've had and been planning my 1951 restoration for 10 years without
> progress)
> The truck 1951 1/2 ton 5-window.
> The frame will be
1989 S-10 (sorry Mark, but this seems to be the direction I
> will go - the
kit includes all needed support structures - I do think that
> I'll paint the
frame with POR-15 to prevent rust).

Lots of choices for frame paint but the
key to rust prevention is the preparation. Bare metal, extremely clean,
self-etching primer, etc.

> I need to get a copy of the
> 2003 Classic Trucks
article on using the S-10 frame/running gear, suspension,
> etc. under an old
GM truck.

My '54 will still be a full-sized truck with the original front
axle. It will pull an old Airstream trailer and haul a load and still look

> The engine will be either a rebuilt mid-1960s 283 (if it is still
any good -
> not even started for over 10 years following the rebuild - it was
not me who
> did the rebuild). If the 283 is shot,

Why would the 283 be shot
if it hasn't even been started? Surely you assembled it with oil or STP.

then for the short-term I may use the
> 2.5 L 4 cylinder that is in the S-10.
What I would really like would be a
> diesel of about 350 ci, if I can find a
good one (not a gas engine reformed as
> a diesel engine).

What's available
in a 350ci diesel? Mercedes?

> Wheels will probably look fairly original
(but not the split rims that were on
> the 3/4 tons)

Where did 3/4 ton come
from? The truck was 1/2 ton and morphed to a 1/4 ton S10.

Gale Gorman

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