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Re: Sanding Disk for Table Saw

To: James Babcock <>, Shop-Talk
Subject: Re: Sanding Disk for Table Saw
From: Brian Reynolds <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 16:53:55 -0400
These are some of the things I found by doing a search for "table saw sanding
The shopsmith & Smithy come equipped with a sanding disc, although I am not sure
if they would fit a normal table saw.
McFeely's Square Drive Screws
10'' Calibration/Sanding  Disk

                  The teeth on a saw blade sure can be a nuisance sometimes 
                  when you are trying to set the blade angle for a bevel cut. 
                  and a bit of pitch buildup can make set-up a real guessing
                  Make things easier on yourself with Freuds combination
Calibration /
                  Sanding disk. Its precision ground plate is an extra stiff 
                  thick (thats 50% thicker than most saw blades!), and the 
                  have any teeth or gullets to get in the way of a machinists
square, so
                  the full diameter is available for reference. Once the saw is
                  aligned, apply a pressure sensitive adhesive backed sanding
disk and
                  turn your saw into a precision disk sander. See our abrasives
                  for both 8" and 10" disks to fit. 5/8" arbor hole.

Freud's calibration and sanding disc is designed to
   improve the accuracy of your table saw while making it
   more versatile. The disc is a 5/32"-thick steel plate that
   is precisely ground out of high-strength steel. Its surface
   is said to be flat to within .001". Install it in place of
   your table saw blade and use it to gauge the distance to
   the fence or miter gauge. This allows for extremely
   accurate setup. You can augment its versatility by
   attaching the company's peel-and-stick abrasive discs
   to it, allowing you to use your table saw as a sander. It
   comes in diameters of 8" and 10" ($35 and $38), and a
   5-disc sanding pack costs from $14 to $24 at Freud
   tool dealers and through tool catalogs. Write Freud,
   P.O. Box 7187, 218 Feld Avenue, High Point, NC
   27264; (910) 434-3171.


*** optional sanding disc***
Ryobi 10inch/254mm Combination Home Workshop Table Saw
                       Perfect for the home woodworker. With a 1500 watt motor,
full length side fence,
                        safety lock-off switch and thermal overload button. By
fitting the optional sanding disc
                        and power tool attachment kits, this unit becomes a
complete woodworking system,
                        for routing, sanding shape cutting and finishing. If you
purchase this tool with any of
                        our Routers, we will send you the attachment kit
corresponding the router for free


For use on: RIDGID 10 Inch Table Saw - Models TS2412, TS2400 and TS2424
For use on: RIDGID 10 Inch Radial Saw - Model RS1000
Good Luck

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