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Re: Sanding Disk for Table Saw

To: Brian Reynolds <>
Subject: Re: Sanding Disk for Table Saw
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 22:45:22 -0700
Brian Reynolds wrote:

> These are some of the things I found by doing a search for "table saw sanding
> disc".
> The shopsmith & Smithy come equipped with a sanding disc, although I am not 
> if they would fit a normal table saw.

I have a shopsmith, one of the very early ones.  The motor shaft has a tapered 
on it and the disk has a matching sleeve.  It slips together and it is held 
with a
large set screw.  Would not work on a 'standard' table saw with threaded shaft.
Note that the newer models may be quite different.

Mark Miller

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