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Re: Wheels

To: aeh53@juno.com (Andrew E. Henderson), spitfires@triumph.cs.utah.edu
Subject: Re: Wheels
From: Atwell Haines <carbuff@nac.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 08:27:30 -0500
At 09:23 AM 1/9/99 -0600, Andrew E. Henderson wrote:
>... could anyone tell me the
>correct bolt pattern size for a 71 MK IV?  

Hi Andy,

The Jan/Feb issue of Grassroots Motorsports  sez the pattern for Spits,
GT6s, and TR7s is 4 lug X 95mm.  Nice conversion chart there on page 87 for
all sorts of cars and wheels.

This jibes with what Barry Schwartz posted about a year ago:


>the Spitfire shares a unique 3-3/4" (95.25mm) bolt circle shared
>only with the Marina, TR7, GT6 and some Lotus (plus a very few other less


Hope this info reached you in time.

Atwell Haines
'79 Spitfire  FM96062 UO
Succasunna, NJ USA

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