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Re: British Toolbox?

To: "Gosling, Richard B" <Richard.Gosling@atkinsglobal.com>,
Subject: Re: British Toolbox?
From: "William Davies" <bill@rarebits4classics.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 10:17:36 +0100
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From: Gosling, Richard B <Richard.Gosling@atkinsglobal.com>
> The only downside is that you cannot inspect the rubber inside by eye to
> tell if it is starting to look old and liable to crack.

... and fail catastrophically. I know of 2 instances of this, one of them 
occurred to a friend with relatively new braided hoses on a 1500 Spitfire. I 
think the problem is that people see them as a fit-and-forget item, which they 
most certainly are not. Unless there is some way to inspect them, I presume 
that regular replacement is the only way to ensure safety.
I've personally never had any problem in obtaining a good brake pedal with 
(new) standard hoses, 

       .......just what you've been looking for

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