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Water Temp Gauge Broke

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Subject: Water Temp Gauge Broke
From: "John C. Gottstein" <gottstein@erols.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:36:59 -0400
Reply-to: "John C. Gottstein" <gottstein@erols.com>
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  This weekend on a super-hot day, my water temperature gauge started moving
toward Cold rather than Hot as time went on.  Then it stopped working all
together.  I found that the wire (the one with the coil around it) had
snapped right where it meets the radiator at this connection that come to a
point that the wire sticks into.   Do I need to replace the whole apparatus,
or do I just need to stick the wire back in?  I couldn't get the nut off the
radiator with moderate pressure, so I figured I wouldn't play with it in
care coolant went shooting everywhere.

All help is greatly appreciated.

1975 Midget.

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