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Re: 5 speed queries?

To: derfman@eatel.net
Subject: Re: 5 speed queries?
From: Paul A Asgeirsson <pasgeirsson@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:00:34 EDT
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Hi Derf,

I've been selling and installing the Datsun tranny conversion for the
Morris for almost 20 years now.  It's a complete package and a bullet
proof set up.  I've also sold a number for the Spridgets but I haven't
yet put it all together in a complete kit.  That will be ready very soon.
 There are some diferences between my kit and the Rivergate, but the
clutch part is important.  It also requires less tinkering with and uses
your present slave cyl.

The stock 1275 flywheel has a step on it, but it isn't the right diameter
for the Datsun clutch.  So I normally just face off the flywheel flat and
redrill and tap new holes.  This is just fine for a stock or slightly
warmed up 1275.  But for a 1380 or one of the very high horsepower
engines, I put a step back on the flywheel, the correct diameter for the
Datsun clutch, to get a greater pinch on the clutch disc.

Hope this clears it up.

Paul Asgeirsson
9123 N Clarendon Ave
Portland OR 97203-2750

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999 14:10:08 -0500 derfman <derfman@eatel.net> writes:
>I saw a message on the Spridget list and I have a similar question.  
>soon upgrading to a Rivergate kit.  I bought the kit without the 
>disk after calling Autozone to price 210 clutch parts.  I have the
>tranny but I haven't modified it yet.  What, other than 
>of the flywheel is required?  I am planning on diving into this 
>soon.  I would greatly appreciate any helpful knowledge or experiences
>you can relate to me.   I thought I was the only one with such ideas.

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