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Re: Overwhelmed by Mechanic (Long)

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Subject: Re: Overwhelmed by Mechanic (Long)
From: Lancer7676@aol.com
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 06:56:28 EDT
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In a message dated 8/18/99 12:32:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Tomsjetta@aol.com writes:

<< Wipers now work, but cannot be turned off unless you pull some plug 
 under the dash (I asked, but was not shown). Mechanic tells me I need a new 
 wiper motor to fix the problem.  >>

If the wipers work, I don't think you would need a new wiper motor.  Sounds 
like the connection, ground, or switch problem.
<<Car backfires when backing off throttle at 
 anyhthing over 3,000 rpm.>>

Check for leaks in the exhaust system or around the exhaust manifold.   

<< I'm told it is an older carb, but was given 
 some instruction as to tell whether or not it needed to be replaced. Guys, 
 was so far above my head he may as well have been speaking Swahili. So, I 
 don't know if I need a new carb or what.>>

I doubt you need a new carb.  Most of our cars have older carbs.  Usually 
they just need an overhaul--a fairly simple job for a mechnic, and a not 
impossible one for a non-mechanic.  

<< Next item. Thermostat. I am told it is not there, or not connected. Car 
 in traffic and gets hot, then the idle deteriorates, and the oil light 
 flickers a bit. >>  <<On the passenger side, under the hood, right above the 
wheel well, there is a translucent container with a tube coming out; it looks 
like it leads to the radiator-the container is totally empty. What goes in 

I have a '79--same engine and cooling system.  It runs cool,. even in the 
withering heat that we have had this summer.  The transluscent container is 
your radiator overflow, where the coolant is pushed when it gets hot and 
expands under pressure. You might check your coolant level to be sure you 
arent running low on coolant.  The next thing I would do is to use a Radiator 
flush to clean out the cooling system and backflush it to clean it.  Might be 
a lot of rust impeding coolant movement through your engine, radiator, 
heater, or anywhere else coolant flows.  Be sure to open the heater valve 
when flushing.  The oil light flicker, I am not sure--check the oil level for 
<<For $350 he replaced a piece of fuel line, the switch for the 
 hazard lights, installed the wiper switch, changed the oil, took it for a 
 drive, leaned out the carb and made a temporary fix to get the driver's side 
 mirror on the car.>>

Sounds like he likes to see you coming down the street!

<< With my car in his garage, I asked him how to do 
 something, and he couldn't show me, write it down, anything. For all the 
 praise I hear about this guy, I guess I just don't see it.>>

Nope, me either!  
 <<Yes, after today I did ask myself if I should even own this car. I love 
 it-but I find it a fault that I cannot diagnose nor service it as a severe 
 detriment to those who own and service these cars.>><< But, I love it, and I 
love to drive it, and enjoy it.>>

Yep, you absolutely should own it, but to own it you have to learn, and you 
can learn, how to work with it.  I started out with very few mechanical 
skills and , while I am no Master mechanic by a long shot, I now feel 
competant at keeping the car on the road, between my manuals and this 
exchange.  Three things:  First get a manual; Secondly, do what you are 
doing--consult this list--there are lots of guys onhere who have been where 
you are going and can provide excellent guidance; and Third, find a club 
nearby--talk with them--join them.  Lots of guys there can help.  Also where 
are you?  There may be guys on this list willing to come and take a look.
 << Mechanic complains that the clutch does not feel 
 right-says it should only feel that way if it is new, or if the hydraulics 
 are on their way out. I am told to keep track of the clutch fluid. I looked 
 at it tonight, and it is filled to the top. I will pray, and hope it stays 
 that way.>>  

Is there a problem shifting?  Is it making noise? Not sure what he is talking 
about there.  If it aint broke dont fix it.


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