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Fw: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)

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Subject: Fw: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 12:22:54 -0500
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Let me take a guess at this one, Leo...

There are probably a few people who toiled for many years to get their car
to the gold level and they want others to do the same amount of work as they

There are likewise some owners that bought their cars in that condition and
do not know anything about the original specifications because they did not
do the research themselves.

There are some people that have owned many original cars but never really
thought about them as concours at the time of ownership and therefore did
not notice the fine details. They just enjoyed driving the car!

There is a genuine lack of documented information available both because of
age and because of the way that the factory changed things when the need

There are lots of cars that have been disassembled and put back together by
an enthusiast that may or may not be exactly as original running around out
there. These cars cannot be counted upon as examples of "what color was
this, or how long was that bolt, etc."

And, as in my case, there are people who have been involved with these cars
for decades who know a lot about them, may even correctly remember the
answer to someone's question but are hesitant to answer it for a couple of
reasons. That would include things such as: I know I'm right but can't prove
it; I'm pretty sure but I don't want to sound like an idiot on the list if I
am wrong; and probably the biggest reason for not answering a question abour
concours is that if I am wrong, the guy that I gave the info to is going to
spend his time and money on my word. I wouldn't want to do that to anybody!

Like I said, just a guess but it comes from the heart!
1960 Bugeye (was original once, then an autocrosser, slowly morphing into a
street car again)

Subject: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)

> This is one of my concours spridget related contemplations.  My particular
> question probably has also been noticed by members of the non concours
> spridget owners too.  So here goes:
>      Why are concours people so afraid to answer questions and assist in
> correct restoration of other peoples cars?

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