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Re: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)

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Subject: Re: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 12:22:28 -0600
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DLancer7676@cs.com wrote:

>  It is a field
> not of enjoyment of the cars for the cars sake, but one of building my car
> better than your car so I can win the judgement?  I dunno--just a thought.
> --DAvid C.

David is at least partly correct.  I actually had a person tell me that he would
NOT assist me in restoring mine because I might beat him in a concours judging. 
will refrain from telling you my thoughts of the person.

Mike Lupynec and I are in it for the same reason; it's also the thrill of the
hunt.....for the elusive part and the historical background.  All the others who
replied have hit the nail on the head.  Jay, I remember your leaf green bugeye.
Mine was a dark blue when I first got it and now is back to its' proper leaf 
(hiding under 7 coats of various colors).  I remember that fiasco and how I felt
about entering mine in a concours when I got it completed.
as cowardly as it sounds, I don't.  I rebuilt it to as original as far as 
for me and I want to drive it.  If it helps fellow enthusiasts in their project,
great!  I feel glad that I could help.  Jay's car was an inspiration.  I just 
it forward.

Sorry Leo, you hit a tender spot.  Enjoy the cars!  What a great time we'd have 
we all drove ours as much as Bob and Annice!
Done venting.

59 :{)

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