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Re: My 76 Midget

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Subject: Re: My 76 Midget
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 10:20:06 -0600 (CST)
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Bev -

Getting a 1500 into reverse has to be done crisply, or it won't go.
Think of it as 3 moves:
1) Pull UP on the lever
2) Move the lever directly to the right (not "right and forward")
3) Move the lever forward

If you still have difficulty, pay atention to which of the three moves
is difficult, because that'll help tell what needs to be adjusted or
fixed.  Get back to us...

Chris K.

> My little car is almost ready to zoom thru Summerville - goes in for
a new
> muffler tomorrow (thanx for your help in getting the right kind) and
> from a few little, minor details she should be ready to roll.
> My "help" today is (don't know why I haven't asked this before) that
my my car
> is sooooooooo hard to get in reverse and always has been.  It is
really so bad
> that I try to find parking places where I can pull in and pull out
of instead
> of trying to back up.  Is there a solution to this or just the
nature of the
> beast???
> Thanx again.
> Bev Cleary

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