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Re: Tach reduction gear

To: Mike MacLean <macleans@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Tach reduction gear
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 10:14:03 -0500
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Mike MacLean wrote:
>   From the many Bugeyes I have owned and seen come through my 
> friend's restoration shop, when the early cars arrived in un-restored 
> condition, they had the knurled nut.  All the later cars had the hex nut.

That is what I have noticed too.
And I did have a very early 58 Sprite, unmolested but neglected, and it 
had a knurled nut.
Now Horler's book is quite good but it is not perfect.
There is a photo of somebody's air cleaners that are installed 
upsidedown. And I have seen concours quality cars with upsidedown air 
filters on them.
You would think that if your air filter housings had DRAIN holes in them 
you would install the holes DOWN!

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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