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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 14:45:54 -0500
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You could put all the names of all the British Leyland cars of the late '60s
in a hat and you'd be guaranteed to pull out a despicable,
rotten-to-the-core mockery of a car.

On 9/10/07, Brashear, Jack, N <JNBrashear@garverengineers.com> wrote:
> My '73 Austin Marina has ALWAYS made the top 50 worst cars lists
> published by many, many others.  How dare Time/CNN leave me out of their
> list??  I'm devastated that the Marina's perfect track record is now
> blemished.
> Jack
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> > This guy obviously has a chip on his shoulder the size of a H2.
> Are you questioning Time/CNN?
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