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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:00:35 +0100
One of the worst cars?  Police Traffic Accident Investigators soon realise 
the biggest liars in relation to their driving abilities are the Cops 
themselves.  They've heard all the excuses out on the streets and would use 
the choice, best remembered ones to get them out of the mire.

There was this trained super-driver cop guy who, back in the '80s claimed 
his Police Ford Capri 2.8i (reasonable car but in truth it was a mite 
slippery at the back) lost control because the Police vehicle preparation 
guys took the spoiler off the boot lid and spoilt the aerodynamics.  The 
spoiler was replaced by a moulded plastic large 'lip' with a vertical face 
at the back showing 'POLICE' and 'STOP'.  This guy played merry hell, 
creating all sorts of problems saying the cars were dangerous and even went 
to his tame lawyer for advice.  We went to our tame engineer at Ford who 
passed the problem on to their 'windy' guys ('can't pronounce, never mind 
spell aerodynamicist) who duly nailed and stuffed one of the POLICE / STOP 
signs on the back of a Capri in a wind tunnel.

The guy who'd complained suddenly became quiet when the report came back 
from Ford in the form of a letter asking if they could use the shape of the 
POLICE / STOP sign because it was so much better at providing downforce than 
their factory fitted spoiler.  That was a 'worst car' moment or two.....


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> <<I thought it was absolutely brilliant satire.>>
> I totally agree, Ron!!
> But he did miss the '59 Chevy!!  Even tho I had TWO of them (which I 
> bought
> with my own money<G>) must folks said it was a UGLY year!!
> Maryland State Police bought 250 of them with std. "police package" except
> that they where equipped with Dual Quad 348s & "Special Police Cam"!! 
> Cops
> found out VERY early into testing the version that the "wings" actually 
> lift the rear end OFF the ground at "serious speed".  Chevy had to take 
> them
> all back and "shave" the "wings" of the cars!!
> Now one of them would be a SERIOUS collector "ride"<VBG>!!
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