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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] 50 Worst Cars
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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 09:15:09 -0400
The Valiant was Mopar's compact of the 60's.  By the 70's Chrysler had 
bought a large part of Mitsubishi and began selling Dodge Colts (rebadged 
Mitsubishi's) as their compact.  Anyone remember the Plymouth "Cricket" of 
the 70's?  It was a British car badged as a Plymouth (don't remember which 
Bristish manufacturer actually built it).  I remember that the Cricket 
didn't last too long on the market as it was ah, er, less than reliable as 
actual transportation.  :-)

I saw a like new Vega wagon at a car show a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently 
bought and then never driven.


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> Jeez, touchy send key!
> Anyway, I didn't see the Vega - the third entry into the American bad
> economy car trifecta of the 70's, and usually on lists such as these! :)
> But I guess since it doesn't blow up or look hideous, it doesn't make
> the list.
> BTW, what was Mopar's compact entry in the 70s - the Valiant? I always
> thought it a bit large for a compact...
> -=Chris
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