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Re: [Tigers] Speedo Rotation

To: Fabbro <fabbro@shaw.ca>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Speedo Rotation
From: michael king <michael.s.king@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:06:48 +1100
Some drive gears go the other way from different applications.. a friend had
this on his car.. there is an adaptor that can reverse the roatation so the
cable goes the right way. Its likely you have rebuilt your trans and used
another models parts.. the adaptor was quite reasonably priced.. Wally Menke
from the list will know where to get it.. he is away at the moment,. but
will proabbly be able to answer next week.

2009/11/19 Fabbro <fabbro@shaw.ca>

> Hi All
>  The Tiger Speedos that I have the input rotation looking from the back
> should be counter clock wise for it to operate properly. I confirmed
> this by making an adapter from a small rat tail file and putting it in a
> drill and spinning it in reverse. My rebuilt top loader with a new drive
> cable hooked to it operates in the opposite direction. What is the
> problem with my set up?  Thanks in advance.
> Kim
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