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re:trickle charge optima battery

To: (Triumphs List),
Subject: re:trickle charge optima battery
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 20:02:58 +0000
>It was recommended to me when I bought my Opitma to only trickle charge 
>it.  Maybe my electric fan is why my Optime losses it's charge 
>periodically.  I trickle charge mine overnight.

Yes, they apparently can not tolerate high charging rates.  But it confuses me.

Your charging system will be happy to dump MANY amps into the battery very 
happily.  The Optima company does not say anything about that!

If it is bad to charge the battery in the garage at too high a rate, then it 
will be WORSE on the road where there is engine heat and MORE amps from your 
generator or alternator.  (Even my 22 amp generator puts out more amps than my 
charger, and my brother's 70 amp alternator puts out triple that!!!)

Why do you not (apparently) damage the  battery with your car's charging 
system?  If you do damage the battery, then why is this fact not commented upon 
by the Optima people?  Maybe it is, but I did not see it....


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