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Subject: [TR] Lighter
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 13:44:49 EST
My wife and I have a '72 TR6 that is a past VTR/6Pack Champion and has the  
lighter that you are talking about.  It is on the passenger side under the  
"glove box".  It has the factory wiring color (white with red as best as I  
recall) and, as best as I can recall, have never had a deduction for it.   
Darrell Floyd will weigh in on this.
Sam and Carol Clark 
Green Country Triumphs 
TS45355L  O
CC82030U O
Cell: 918-625-6798  

In a message dated 2/22/2008 8:11:02 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Guess I  should have been a little more specific ... my concern is for 
the 1970 TR6  (Rosey),  the 1957 TR3 (Casper) is so heavily "upgraded" 
that he  could never be considered at a true Concours ... he will 
although, smoke  almost anything on a Mountain Rallye ... and finish.
AnnaBelle's Rosey is  her Concours car and we are doing our best to 
keep Rosey " as  original"...

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