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Re: [TR] Tr3a steering tight after rebuild

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Subject: Re: [TR] Tr3a steering tight after rebuild
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Date: Sun, 17 May 2020 15:21:12 -0400
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(Where is Randall when you need him?  ð???)

When you say "significantly tighter" is this turning the steering with the tie 
rods connected ? You should be able to turn the steering wheel with a finger 
tip if the car is in the air.  You should also be able to grab a wheel and take 
it through its full range of motion (everything connected) fairly easily.

The felt at the steering wheel should not be an issue - and, if anything, 
should just be soaked in oil prior to installation.  

If it is binding, and not eased by loosening the box (and, by inference, the 
pressure on the peg) it is probably related more to the shims at the bottom of 
the box than the bearings themselves.  Did you follow the method Randall 
suggests with measuring end-float and shimming appropriately?

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan

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Subject: [TR] Tr3a steering tight after rebuild

Re-installed my rebuilt steering box and, even though it felt fine on the 
bench, back in the car the steering is significantly tighter.  Not quite a 
parking lot 3-point turn level of effort but well beyond finger tip effort.  
And this is while still up on jacks with the set screw backed right off.  I 
loosened off the shim cover bolts thinking I was too tight but no difference.  
It doesn't feel like it's binding at any point of the travel, it's tight lock 
to lock.  I waited until the shaft was reassembled before tightening the box 
attachment bolts so the box would align to the shaft, not vice versa.

Could this really all be down to resistance from the 2 new bearings in the 
split shaft (plenty of grease added) and the new felt at the steering wheel?  

Also should the upper felt be greased/oiled?


Art. 60tr
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