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Re: [TR] Tr3a steering tight after rebuild

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Subject: Re: [TR] Tr3a steering tight after rebuild
From: Art McEwen <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2020 16:35:54 -0400
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The tie rods added to stiffness that was already there.  I used the 
remove-shims-until-no-more-play method.   I've since resplit the shaft and I 
think some of it has come from either end but I'm going to pull the box out 
again and bring it back to the bench.  

> On May 17, 2020, at 3:21 PM, andrew uprichard <> 
> wrote:
> (Where is Randall when you need him?  ð???)
> When you say "significantly tighter" is this turning the steering with the 
> tie rods connected ? You should be able to turn the steering wheel with a 
> finger tip if the car is in the air.  You should also be able to grab a wheel 
> and take it through its full range of motion (everything connected) fairly 
> easily.
> The felt at the steering wheel should not be an issue - and, if anything, 
> should just be soaked in oil prior to installation.  
> If it is binding, and not eased by loosening the box (and, by inference, the 
> pressure on the peg) it is probably related more to the shims at the bottom 
> of the box than the bearings themselves.  Did you follow the method Randall 
> suggests with measuring end-float and shimming appropriately?
> Andrew Uprichard
> Jackson, Michigan
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> Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2020 2:11 PM
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> Subject: [TR] Tr3a steering tight after rebuild
> Re-installed my rebuilt steering box and, even though it felt fine on the 
> bench, back in the car the steering is significantly tighter.  Not quite a 
> parking lot 3-point turn level of effort but well beyond finger tip effort.  
> And this is while still up on jacks with the set screw backed right off.  I 
> loosened off the shim cover bolts thinking I was too tight but no difference. 
>  It doesn't feel like it's binding at any point of the travel, it's tight 
> lock to lock.  I waited until the shaft was reassembled before tightening the 
> box attachment bolts so the box would align to the shaft, not vice versa.
> Could this really all be down to resistance from the 2 new bearings in the 
> split shaft (plenty of grease added) and the new felt at the steering wheel?  
> Also should the upper felt be greased/oiled?
> Thanks,
> Art. 60tr
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