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21. RE: [oletrucks] non-vented gas cap/tank (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 18:20:12 -0800
I have not done any analysis which would support my opinion, but I gotta tell ya, it would be hard for me to imagine an oletruck fuel pump (and connecting hoses, etc.) that would pull vacuum on a fu
/html/oletrucks/2000-02/msg00810.html (9,434 bytes)

22. RE: [oletrucks] '48 Vs Y2K? (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 15:48:27 -0800
The white smoke is a bit bothersome to me. Are you sure it was smoke? I don't want to cause undue alarm, but sometimes, white "smoke" is an indication that you are getting water into one or more cyl
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00012.html (9,616 bytes)

23. RE: [oletrucks] need a measurement on a TF (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 16:00:40 -0800
I run a Jeep quite a bit, and have had to set pinion angles and tranny positions after alterations to it. I have found that about seven degrees is a pretty good angle to shoot at for the angle betwe
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00013.html (7,762 bytes)

24. RE: [oletrucks] FREE 1955 GMC 1/2 ton (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 16:09:19 -0800
I just called Jim, and he sold it to a guy here in the Bay Area last night. Gordon --Original Message-- From: []On Behalf Of Tom Bu
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00084.html (8,717 bytes)

25. RE: [oletrucks] '48 Vs Y2K update (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 19:22:48 -0800
This is certainly one of the things I would do before a tear down. You can use a simple air gun with a rubber tip inserted into a plug hole. Do just as was described below. You can listen for air com
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00289.html (12,018 bytes)

26. RE: [oletrucks] 454-502 big blocks (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 20:22:14 -0800
I'm not all that familiar with what was installed on the heavier a fire truck.....but I believe the Caddy's used a 502....should be able to get someone from that "neck of the net" to she
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00295.html (7,794 bytes)

27. RE: [oletrucks] Question? (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 09:02:53 -0800
Do any of you know if the heat generated at that spot is harmful to the steering box in the long run? I have a '56 with a V8 and rams horn exhaust that dumps right next to the box. I am concerned tha
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00344.html (8,834 bytes)

28. RE: [oletrucks] bead blasting (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 09:14:45 -0800
I have seen blasting done with almond and other nut shells for that reason as well. Also used is a white powder....I want to say it is something appearing like baking soda that also takes off paint o
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00345.html (8,566 bytes)

29. RE: [oletrucks] Question? (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 10:09:06 -0800
I'd say 16 years was long run enough.....I won't worry about that aspect of I don't think they are quite 3 inch.......they are close to it though. I sure like the setup....they don't ring like a tubu
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00347.html (10,858 bytes)

30. RE: [oletrucks] GMC TRUCK PARTS - WHERE??? (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 18:11:10 -0800
LMC doesn't even advertise for GMC parts. They are strictly a Chevy and Ford house. Gt --Original Message-- From: []On Behalf Of sa
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00386.html (8,273 bytes)

31. RE: [oletrucks] Engine rebuild parts Question (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:18:59 -0800
Well Robert...I just got done buying parts for an engine I am building, and I hadn't done one in quite a spell, so I went and asked the same question. I am not building a monster, just a reliable, sl
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00446.html (8,176 bytes)

32. RE: [oletrucks] Nutz and Boltz (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 19:34:18 -0800
Dependng on the size of the parts, a small rock tumbler can be used with various media to clean and/or polish up small parts. It takes some time, but it works if you load it up right. Gt Small parts
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00529.html (9,966 bytes)

33. RE: [oletrucks] Y2K Vs '48 Chevy (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 17:34:17 -0800
It would be nice to know just where on the head it was warped by how much. Was it wavy, or was it "cupped" in one spot? Reason I am curious, is that it sounds like you ran the head for a time, leadi
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00635.html (8,921 bytes)

34. RE: [oletrucks] Wouldn't believe what happened on the drive home tonight (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 05:38:15 -0800
Isn't that cool? When I am driving my '56 NAPCO I get into stoplight conversations, get thumbs up signs, people walk up to the truck in parking is a real ice breaker. The thing of it is,
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00756.html (8,594 bytes)

35. RE: [oletrucks] Points/hei/efi (cool discussion coming!) (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 06:05:33 -0800
Don't disagree with any of your thoughts.... There is an additional element to this whole thing that is also important to me.....individuality. Having something unique. I like to think of my truck al
/html/oletrucks/2000-01/msg00758.html (12,062 bytes)

36. RE: [oletrucks] Bolts (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 04:27:03 -0800 Mark, The link above describes the ASTM and SAE standards for graded bolts. It has a link to SAE and to ASTM pages as well. Gordon Hi guys: I'm
/html/oletrucks/1999-12/msg00088.html (7,224 bytes)

37. RE: [oletrucks] NEW WEB PAGE (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 05:00:50 -0800
You have a way cool street rod! My first truck was a '50 Chevy! It wasn't like THAT, but it was cool in its own way.......You have something to be proud of. Congratulations on a fine job! Gordon I'D
/html/oletrucks/1999-12/msg00101.html (7,197 bytes)

38. [oletrucks] RE: (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 17:05:35 -0800
LMC Truck offers packages. Their catalog can be ordered online at I have not used them, but my brother-in-law has and recommends them. I have one of their old catalogs and it is one of
/html/oletrucks/1999-12/msg00416.html (7,302 bytes)

39. RE: [oletrucks] Wiring Harness (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 17:08:19 -0800
If you buy direct from the manufacturer, they are required to sell their product at MSRP. A dealer can mark it down, and usually always does. Gordon I found while looking for particular parts that mi
/html/oletrucks/1999-12/msg00417.html (10,906 bytes)

40. RE: [oletrucks] 53 body to 72 frame-chassis??? (score: 1)
Author: "Tibbers" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 02:00:44 -0800
There are several options for getting modern steering and braking under your truck that may prove as easy and in the end be a better choice. Literally anything is you COULD put the
/html/oletrucks/1999-12/msg00472.html (8,827 bytes)

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