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Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 11:04:15 -0600
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Back in the summer of 1990, maybe '91, my wife and I took a vacation in 
Wales and England.  And gosh, somehow our trip just happened to coincide 
with the TR Register's 21st annual gathering.  That was an amazing 
event, relly  enjoyed it.

One of the many vendors was Racetorations.  They had on display a tube 
shock conversion kit that was this fancy, intricate bit of welded 
aluminum plate that was in the style of bolt to the original shock 
mounts.  A bit past prototype, but not quite production ready, I ended 
up buying the kit for my TR-250 I had at the time.  One car I really 
wish I had not sold.

Anyway, we came within a minute or two of missing our flight back to the 
States because the customs guys at Heathrow were absolutely, positively 
certain that the bright yellow metal cylinders in my suitcase, the Spax 
shocks, were actually some sort of bombs.  I can't recall for certain, 
but I think I ended up showing them an ad in some magazine that featured 
Spax shocks that convinced them to let me through with my prized 
acquisition.  It was close, though!


ps:  I also have a set of those amazing, wonderful brackets that just 
bolt to the body sheet metal.  Such classic parts must be worth a small 

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