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Re: Short People

Subject: Re: Short People
From: "Arthur Emerson" <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 10:23:46 PDT
"Paul Foster" <> wrote:
>So you are implicitely giving short people an inherent advantage.

You're giving short people an advantage in being able to see
under the mirror on YOUR car.  However, you keep forgetting
that cars have been made with mirrors attached to the
dashboard sticking upwards.  One other point that you might
have overlooked :-) is that those same vertically-constrained
drivers might be at a disadvantage seeing over the dashboard,
with only loose pillows as their only course of action
to see the cones.

Life ain't fair.  Leave it stock, or go play in the ST classes,
instead of trying to turn stock into another SP/ST class.....



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