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RE: Ayer Tour

Subject: RE: Ayer Tour
From: Mari Clements <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 22:25:56 -0400 (EDT)
SS--Nick Leverone over Andy Bettencourt (who's standing on a run with a cone)
AS--Pat Salerno.  Rob is codriving and having trouble staying clean.  Kozlaks 
were fast (as always), and I think Sam Strano (codriving Karl Bender's car) may 
also be in the trophies.
BS--Tim Aro (codriving Eric Peterson's car 'cause the 10AE is in the shop 
again) over Steve Telehowski.
CS--Ken Frey, Lee Piccone, Derek Butts, Mike Potacki
DS--Tyson Sawyer, Mike Zoner
DSL--Jerrettte Zoner
ES--someone in a Celica who's a second faster than DS
FS--?? (left that course 2 runs in)
FSL--Diane Lapusnak
GS--?? (left that course 2 runs in)
HS--Heyward Wagner
CSP--Jim Harnish, I think
DSP--Mark Daddio (by 1.5 seconds)
DP--Wade Scannell
F125--Alan Schiedler, I think
FJr--Scott Minehart

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Sent: June 11, 2000 1:53:48 AM GMT
Subject: Ayer Tour

Any one kow how H-Stock went in Ayer today? Trying to find out how the
teamates are doing. :^) Thanks!

Scott Sawyer
'91 Civic Si  HS 22
Team Underdog Racing, Underdog F&C


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