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RE: the whole NT/participation thing

Subject: RE: the whole NT/participation thing
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 09:57:06 -0400
"Kelly, Katie" <> wrote:

>>That's true, and I actually also thought about pointing that out, but for
argument's sake, I think his point was that you weren't guaranteed of
getting to play Tiger if you got your registration in on time.  You had to
get the registration in on time AND qualify.  This is not the current
situation with SOLO II.>>

> And I hope it never is!

Well, I dunno, I think there may be a place for a series that requires one
to qualify first. As the sport gets more and more popular, you're going to
need to stratify somehow in order to meet demand, and a series that caters
to the better drivers (and requires qualification to get in) is not a bad

IF it is done _in addition_ to the existing series. I can't see making the
current National Tours into this, but there's no reason why there couldn't
be a "Super Tour" series - perhaps requiring a trophy finish at a National
Tour to qualify, or something.


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