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Re: Ideal Nationals location?

Subject: Re: Ideal Nationals location?
From: "CJ at Pylon" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 17:35:49 -0500
Oh no.... that means it would be in Rolla, MO..... Don't make me 
go back, please don't make me go back.

On 2 Apr 2001, at 16:42, Mark Sirota wrote:

Taken from a CNN story about the 2000 census:

> With the new numbers, the United States has a new population
> center -- determined by where a U.S. map would balance if
> population distribution were charted on it. The center has moved to
> Phelps County in south-central Missouri, about 34 miles
> west-southwest of the 1990 population hub of Crawford, Missouri, the
> Census Bureau said. 

So assuming every American counted by the census is just as 
likely to
go to Nationals as every other American (and yes, that's an awfully
big assumption), we should be looking for sites in south-central
Missouri in order to be the most fair.

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