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RE: Wasn't the surface good too!

To: "'John Kelly '" <>,
Subject: RE: Wasn't the surface good too!
From: "Runnion, Ed" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:53:45 -0700
>Ed, I think that's a better deal than having to start on a surface that
>has never been swept at all.

Well, for the first few rungroups it certainly is :).   By the time I ran at
the end of the day, the surface was not much (if any) better than if we had
not swept at all.

>        Next, work on GGF's management about the application of a
>surface treatment. I know that's an impossible task. Maybe somebody else 
>besides me can persuade something to happen.

I would agree this is probably impossible.   For THEIR uses now, a (true)
gravel lot would suffice.   As such, it'd probably be a bit of an uphill
battle to say the least to persuade them to spend $$$ towards repaving what
is essentially thier "overflow" lot.

>        Next week at Marina, please take a look at the surface at
>mid-day and check out the pile of rubber bits on the outside of all 
>sweeper turns. 

I will not be at Marina (out of town this coming weekend, running an Impala
SS in autocross at Impalafest in DFW TX), but....

guess my point is that at GGF, it is not (just) rubber bits piling up (and I
agree the rubber bits are "normal" at any event, regardless of what surface
we are running on).   It is chunks of the surface itself that are coming up!
I don't know of any of our other sites where this is the case....although
Candlestick may be getting close.

>Marina, as does GGF, does not benefit from having a sandy beach nearby. 
>Will you (i.e. SCCA) be sweeping the sand off the Marina surface?

We will be using the blower.   

>        Marina offers even chunkier bits of asphalt once you leave the
>concrete surface. 

Yes, but it's pretty important to note here that we are not using the
non-concrete there as part of the racing surface ;)


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