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Re: MIdget Repairs

Subject: Re: MIdget Repairs
From: (John Lupien)
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 94 13:22:01 EDT
Mark asks:

> It sounds like you may want to ask yourself a basic
> question:
> 1)  do you prefer driving cars
> or
> 2)  do you prefer working on cars
> Having answered the above, how does your Midget
> fit into these catagories?

Forgive me for butting in, but this question sparked my interest.
I would have to say that I prefer driving the cars I work on.
Actually, there are not that many cars that I really like to 
drive (in terms of what can be reasonably done without getting
arrested or risking my license) on the street/highway, but when
it comes to track time, I really prefer driving. However, you
have to do about 3 hours prep time per hour track time, and
that's on a car that's in really good condition. The "swork/drive"
ratio is MUCH more favorable for street/highway driving, more like
1:30 instead of 3:1, which means that if I drive a car that I like
to drive on the street (yes, a Midget will do just fine...) then
I get a pretty good deal out of it. And if the same car is also
good on track, so much the better...

John R. Lupien

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