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>  Like it or not the Datsun is an investment.
Not in my case.The car stays with me till I die. You make some good points 
for those that find that they need to sell the cars for emergency purposes, 
but the fact is, if you are after an investment car, you shouldnt be looking 
for datsuns. 

That may well be the most profound reply I have seen -- if we all allow it.  
To my way of thinking, that is a sad state of affairs, and you must realize 
that it 
ultimately dooms the cars you say you care about so much.  

Nissan WILL shut down the parts source eventually as the demand goes away.  
I am quite sure Nissan has made less and less money every year on roadster 
many of the prices haven't even increased in 5 years, someone will figure this 

All the smaller suppliers will shut down or move into used stuff primarily, 
everything in sight and ultimately folding as customers junk and dump their 
cars (at a loss)
because they can't get critical parts. 

Only the biggest suppliers will be left with a significant stock of new parts 
and if
you think prices are high now you haven't seen anything yet....the prices will 
have to go up
as the volume drops off..otherwise they close too....that is pretty simple...

Apathy and inaction will lead to what you are saying you don't want:

Less and less Roadsters on the road and sky high prices..

(This is the last thing I want to see)

>To use your example, if you want a stock that will sell for a 
>profit eventually, you purchase a stock with a history or high potential to 
>do so. 

      OK, lets take profit out of the picture (it was never intended anyway).

     Are all of those who are not in favor  of Roadsters appreciating in value 
and attaining 
     a truely  classic status,  are you also opposed to just breaking even????  
     Where is the harm in that????    Even to do that, the value of a restored 
car has
     to go up.          

I think many many more cars would be restored and properly maintained if one 
could at least
break even on it....losing thousands of dollars tends to discourage some 


Oh, well, I tried.....

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