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RE: Oil Testing Results

To: "Gordon Glasgow" <>,
Subject: RE: Oil Testing Results
From: snyler <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 07:52:22 -0500
Gordon Glasgow wrote

>Not meaning to diss anyone, and I'm sure the information was provided with 
>intentions, but I've never considered Consumer Reports to be an authoritative
>source on things automotive. This is the same bunch that rated the Fiat X-1/9
>handling "unacceptable" and got in deep yogurt over the faked Suzuki Samurai
>"rollover" test.
>I'll stick with the conventional wisdom on this one.
>Gordon Glasgow
>Renton, WA
Not o mention their "objective" ratings on intrinsically subjective 
products like coffee and loudspeakers.  They consistently slammed VW for 
wiring the cars so the radio could be used without the key in the 
ignition (wears down battery)  what they consistently *failed* to mention 
was that you couldn't run the headlights without the key in.  What's more 
likely to kill a boattery, a stock radio or headlights?

After subscribing a few years, their pattern of bias becomes apparent.  
Miata scolded for lack of luggage space, but not MR2?  


Marc Tyler
Animal Firm

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