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Project SR20DET Has Begun!!!

To: <>
Subject: Project SR20DET Has Begun!!!
From: "Brandon Bradley" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 22:17:23 -0700
Hey there everybody.  Well here's the story.I purchased my roadster about 3
months ago, and come to find out the motor had really low compression on all
4 cyl's.especially number 2.  After debating the issue for some time, I
finally came to the conclusion that it would be in my best interests to do
the SR20DET swap instead of rebuilding the U20.  I actually have quite a bit
of experience with the SR20 motor.  I am the previous owner of a front wheel
drive SR20DET which made 300 horsepower everyday on crappy California 91
octane.  The DET motor is no stranger around this household.  3 out of the 4
cars in the driveway have an SR20.  Anyways.I really missed the power and
response from the turbo SR.  I had always wished that It was that
time has come.  And yes..the turbo in that picture is the turbo that will be
on the car.  The motor is being built up as we speak.  I will not stop until
I see at least 400hp on the dyno.  Although we all know that will be
completely impractical for street use.  It will still be fun to say my 1900
pound car has 400 horsepower!!!  Good times.  The new SR20DET was in mint
condition, and I can't wait to start fitting it in the car.  If ALL goes
well, the project will be done within a month.  Check out the pictures, and
any input or suggestions are more than welcome.  As the car gets updated, so
will all of you.  This should be an interesting month.


-Brandon Bradley

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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