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Cylinder Head update.

To: "'Roadster List'" <datsun-roadsters@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Cylinder Head update.
From: "Daniel Neuman" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:16:02 -0800
Hello All,

            Took the head over to Mike Young and this is what he said.  The
head has been shaved and it's about 40 thou's to thin.  The intake valves
are all pretty sunk into the head.  He says that the intake valves are sunk
in so much that the valve clearance adjusters are at the limit of their
range.  He says I should 'do a valve job' and replace all the intake seats.
If I do that, will that bring the valves out more so I can get that
adjustment back?

His recommendation is to also put in cam tower shims.  He wants to put in 40
thou shims to make up for the loss of head thickness.  Is this a good idea??
If I put in cam tower shims won't that effect how the cam hits the
followers?  Won't it decrease the valve lift by that amount?  Is there a
limit to how high the shims can go?

            My idea was to put on a thicker head gasket to make up for the
thinner head and to reduce my compression ratio.

            What think you guys?

                        Daniel Neuman

                        Oakland CA

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