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Re: FOT sighting at Tustin Thunder

Subject: Re: FOT sighting at Tustin Thunder
From: Susan Hensley <>
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 21:18:00 -0500
Patrick McMullen wrote:
> Chuck,
> Thanks for the great photos.  I enjoy seeing and hearing about other
> great vintage racing events across the country.  Mordy broke a
> transmission???  I just talked to John Lye this past weekend and he too
> experienced a major transmission failure.  John managed to strip
> completely, all the teeth off third gear!!!

I too busted a trans at my last "event," the one where Tristan had his 
heart attack (am I hard on cars or what?) -- the American Indy crew
paddocked next to me was having fits as I pulled the trans in under an 
hour that frigid Friday afternoon in preparation for putting the one Jim 
brought me up on Saturday into the car.  They found it amusing that a 
single female dragged her car up by herself, went to race school by 
herself, and pulled the trans by herself.  I enjoyed it!!!  Dropped the 
spare trans in Saturday morning with help from Jim and was back out on 
the track for the lunchtime lapping session.  I am SO GLAD to be involved 
with such awesome little cars!!!  I couldn't think of doing that kind of 
quick repair in many other vehicles.  

You guys enjoy the heck out of yourselves for me for the rest of the 
season.  I live vicariously through your stories and Chuck's awesome 
photos!!!  I will probably get to an autocross this year with Tristan, 
but am REALLY looking forward to vintage racing next year.

I looked at a house with ***5 GARAGES*** the other day, and a pad for a 
car trailer next to the driveway, but it had just been taken off the 
market due to the divorcing couple reconciling.  Dad blast.  It was 
perfect!!!  I'll keep looking -- now I KNOW they're out there!

Keep Triumphing,
Susan    :)

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