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Re: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge

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Subject: Re: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge
From: "Mark Palmer" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:01:49 PST

Good dialogue.  I think I can accurately speak for most of the MG crowd, 
and we'd be pretty closely aligned to Bill Dentinger's thoughts.  I'd 
have a difficult time getting the T-series guys to appreciate being 
on-track with a bewinged, slicked TR8.  Performance differential would 
be scary -- remember, Denver Cornett ran at Mid Ohio this year!  It's 
really not what we're about -- I have enough of a challenge keeping the 
TC's and MGB's happy together (and that's MGB's prepared to vintage 
specs).  At Mosport in '97, VARAC allowed a few MG's with slicks & 
flares, and there was a certain amount of "discussion" during the 

Jack's idea of running the moderns in Group 10, but not in the MG/TR 
race, has some merit and I would not oppose that.  There are a few 
National Champion MG's around (Kent Prather MGA) that might come, if 
invited.  I'm not very well connected with those guys but I'm sure we 
could find a few.  Or running them as pace cars throughout the weekend 
would be ok.  Maybe they could give thrill rides at lunch.  

I'm also a bit skeptical of "guest drivers": witness BS Levy at 
Pittsburgh this year.  Even excellent drivers can behave inappropriately 
in a vintage setting.  Modern car & competitive series driver in a 
vintage setting is risky.  Let's keep the MG/TR race vintage cars, with 
vintage-licensed drivers.


>From Wed Oct 28 08:41:03 1998

>In a message dated 98-10-28 11:20:34 EST, BillDentin writes:
><< I have the same concerns about inviting a half dozen or more 'modern 
>cars' to a vintage race.  What's the point?  While I am sure I would 
>participate, I really do not favor the idea.  Why would we propose it.  
Are we
>vintage racers, or what?
>  >>
>I respect your opinion. We certainly don't want to cause any of our 
>folks to feel uncomfortable. Let's see what the consensus is. I 
wouldn't want
>current SCCA racers either. If there are any MG or Triumph Run-off 
>still in the correct configuration, it might be nice to at least have 
them on
>Here's another idea:
> Let them run in group 10 (post 1972 production and GT cars) but not in 
>MG/TR Challenge race. We could still let them score points for their
>respective side.
>Jack Woehrle

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