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Re: [Fot] Oil Catch Tank for a Spitfire Racer

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Oil Catch Tank for a Spitfire Racer
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:41:06 -0500
I'm using a windshield washer bottle I got at the parts store -- not sure 
what kind of car it was meant for. A Chevy I think. The parts store should 
have a nice variety of such things, I just chose one that fit and would 
mount up easily. It's square, and mounts in a wire frame that I've bolted 
inside the battery well. It has an outlet in the bottom I plugged with a 
glob of RTV. Cut a nice hole in the top for the overflow hose and it comes 
out of the wire frame so I can empty it when needed (using the screw-off cap 
at the top). The battery is relocated to a location inside the passenger 
compartment. This setup has worked for me for at least 20 years now.

--Rocky Entriken

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Subject: [Fot] Oil Catch Tank for a Spitfire Racer

> Group
> My Spitfire (72) has limited open space under the bonnet to mount a catch 
> tank for my oil blow by. The standard run  of the mill vertical tanks 
> don't package (not enough room).
> I'm looking for a more horizontal unit that will sit on the shelf just 
> above the firewall/dash panel. My panel has been replaced with a 
> horizontal and vertical sheet  of aluminum and is continuous from left to 
> right of vehicle. The space between the shelf and bonnet is not more than 
> 7". Left and right of the engine is crowed due to the forward bracing from 
> the roll cage to the front suspension uprights and frame.
> I have searched the usual sources online and ordered a vertical unit from 
> Summit. Nothing fits!
> I'm looking for a rectangular or round low profile round tank no more 
> vertical than 6". I've seen some examples that would fit buy have no idea 
> who supplied them.
> Any ideas or do I have to have to make one?
> Thanks in advance
> Glenn Franco
> 72 Spit Racer
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