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Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 18:35:12 -0600
Great tip, but remember it is highly flammable



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I found a very effective degreaser right on my grocer and drug store 
shelves.   And it's so very cheap.. I usually pay about 25 cents per 
bottle.   Try plain old off-the-shelf rubbing alcohol.    I don't use a 
parts washer, so don't know how much you would need.   I use a large 
coffee can ..3 lb or so.. or a simple open pan.   One or two bottles are 
usually enough to cover most items.   You can swish them around a little 
or just let the part set for awhile and then swish it just a little 
before removing.   The part will air dry quickly
This has worked for me for both grease and brake fluid ...  a wheel 
cylinder can be cleaned like new in a jiffy.  One thing to remember ... 
the alcohol cleans so well that you need to lightly oil or paint 
anything which is subject to rust.

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