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Subject: Re: [Healeys] concours judging
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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 12:20:56 -0500
<< ...our Concours Guidelines are just that... *Guidelines*.
We are continuously accused of updating (changing) the standards yearly
and presently a moving target. This is just not true. >>

AND it has been that way since the concept was intro'ed
IIRC by Rich Chrysler & Gary Anderson [or was it Roger ??]
at the Fall Delegates' Meeting in Arlington Hgts. in '85 [??].

<< Cars are judged as to a standard of how they came from the factory, >>
<< They are not the end all word in how a car is prepared, just our attempt
to help restorers fill in missing information that can only be gathered by
careful research on how the cars were built originally. >>

And then there ARE "the odd ball" that comes down the pike.
For instance, at Canada Conclave Niagara Falls in '89, Margo and my 
Cindy where having a cocktail and Geoffrey Healey and
my self joined them almost at same time.  Well ladies were chatting 
[imagine that <G>] with Geoff & I excluded and I mentioned to him that 
someday I would love to paint my [white]
BJ-7 in Golden Metallic Beige but that I knew it would 'cost'
me Concours Points<G>.  He then proceeded to tell me that HE
had done just that to a BJ-7 'coming down the line' by having
it pulled out of production line and painted specially with a
WHITE car as the 'base model'. 

My point is that IF I started on my car taking PICTURES as I
went and found that I did indeed have his ex-car by my
DOCUMENTING the "Odd Ball" thing, I would NOT lose Points
as I had the PROOF of it originally being GMB !!

Now I would STILL need silver-green motor, 48 spoke painted
wheels, etc., etc. <G> !!

So there ARE "loop holes" and the Guidelines even say so, BUT
it is up to the car's presenter to PROVE the "odd ball" 'thing'.

I also think as I have said for YEARS that we do have the BEST
of the best in our Guidelines AND having s completely SEPARATE
entity taking car of "the job".


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